Add sound notification when completing a quest

You know, sometimes when I play and I complete a quest I don’t notice the message that I did (when I am too concentrated on the game for example). And when I do notice it, it just appears in the chat, that’s it.
So I thought that having a jingle or any other noise that is in the game could be nice (probably one that isn’t used already in a minigame, so it wouldn’t confuse players that something happened)

and it would be nice if the quest master was moved in the hub, but that was already suggested

Hey there! This has already been suggested here. Make sure to use the search :mag: feature to check next time. :+1:


wait really? I’m sorry!!!

You’re fine! Common mistake! :+1: That thread wasn’t even titled with the same suggestion as you so it makes sense you didn’t find it. Also I made that thread ages ago and presented multiple suggestions in one thread which isn’t allowed.

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still, it’s embarrassing for me. Hopefully our ideas will be added in Quests V2

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Yes. The message usually seems to pop up out of nowhere so I have to either scroll up in chat or run all the way to the quest master just to see if I made progress or not, which sometimes doesn’t count even if I met the requirements.