Add rule that disallows mini-modding

Over time I’ve seen more and more instances where people are trying to mini-mod, it seems that right now the hive not only allows it, but almost encourages it to some extent. Which I think is a massive issue, now there would be exceptions to this rule, such as someone answering a question in #help-me that isn’t asking about a specific hive rule or anything like that, since there isn’t a problem with that, this would also apply to the discord.

So someone might wonder what exactly the issue of having a community that extensively mini-mods/self-moderates, and there are a few

  1. It leads to misinformation, which could cause people to end up breaking the rules in some cases
  2. It could confuse newer users when 2 people (non-staff) say 2 different things.
  3. It can in some cases make the community feel somewhat gated, which could discourage newer users.
  4. Discourages some older users since less time is spent talking about hive and more time is spent criticizing

Now I’m not saying that people who mini-mod or try to help others out with the rules have bad intentions, I think some of them want to feel more powerful over others or get clout, but that’s a minority, I think most people have good intentions, and a majority have a decent understanding of the rules, but this doesn’t mean that all of them know the rules, and there are a fair amount of instances where someone comes to their own conclusion on something and than state it as fact.

I decided to scroll though #bedrock-help-me to find instances of confusion (and while looking found an instance where one hive staff member said something and another said something different to the same thing, so that definitely doesn’t help). Here’s some instances (I censored all the names out), of people saying stuff that isn’t quite true, there are also A LOT of times where like 3 people respond to a simple question, and this is in #bedrock-help-me, it would take too long for me to individually look through each channel to find examples of people claiming something is against the rules when it isn’t.

The example on the bottom is someone saying something when they don’t know the actual answer, and the top one is someone saying something, however looking into the top one further revealed that it was 2 staff members saying 2 different things causing this mishap.

Also I noticed that #bedrock-help-me was just very hectic in general, it seemed people where getting overwhelmed/confused easily.

I didn’t mention mini-modding on the forums since it isn’t as big of an issue in my opinion, but you can definitely find examples of that. I also have done it myself, I always try to never act like staff or ever act like I know the exact answer to everything, because I simply don’t. I’ve played the hive for almost 2 years now and still don’t understand everything. I would still like this rule to be applied to the forums to keep consistency and it would still benefit it in my opinion

I also feel as if mini-modding is rewarded, maybe rewarded isn’t the right word, but it definitely feels that the people who just mini-mod most of the time in the hive discord get a lot of clout, so in a way they get rewarded

My philosophy on how the hive should enforce the rules is that staff should be the people who educate people on the rules and enforce the rules. People also should be able to easily educate themselves on the rules (currently the support section on the website does fine in this regard, hive obviously can’t put every scenario in there), and then have an easy way to appeal (currently the hive does have this). The community shouldn’t enforce the rules, and if a situation gets bad they should get staff attention (which granted, they usually do).

So in conclusion I think mini-modding should be disallowed because it causes confusion, misinformation, makes the community feel gated in some instances, and annoys older users since more time is spent with people moderating and causing said confusion then talking about hive.

I’d like to hear what all of you think, I don’t expect this to be implemented but I think it could make the community better. I’ll probably get some heat for this but oh well.

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Hmmmm. This is a really trippy topic in my opinon. I feel like a “do not spread misinformation” rule would be more formal for this circumstance. I also feel like for this rule to be in place, there has to be a larger and more active staff team, considering that some of the helpers havent come on in ages or dont help whatsoever on the discord.

edited: also I’m not necessarily sure if that last point about minimodding makes sense. Most of the time people come to normal chat for help and a lot of helpful people are there so we help them out and go right back to conversation.


The point he is trying to make is that people are misinforming unintentionally while trying to help, so adding a rule that says no to misinformation is useless and it’s common sense to not do that.


I’m not sure if a rule like that would accomplish much due to the fact that people aren’t like intentionally misinforming people lol


well it would certainly stop other people from saying things that arent necessarily correct (or at least be intended for that purpose)

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Who is doing that? I don’t think anyone intentionally is.

Some people sometimes try to help with things they are not familiar with which probably require a staff member to answer

Except oh wait sometimes staff also have the incorrect information.


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+1 better idea than mine. Edit: If people can get away with mini moding and posting 3 times in a row than we can get away with being a little toxic and saying it’s a garbage idea when someone is complaining about a non op item


yeah get mini-modding out


Amazing suggestion that I see you’ve put a lot of work into! You get a vote from me.

This is supposed to be the than that’s used for comparison (sorry about my OCD)


I feel like this can go both good and bad. Because on one hand yes mini modding can spread misinformation, but on the other hand, most of the locked suggestion posts come from people mini modding which is a good thing cause it helps the helpers out becuase we all need help sometimes, but yes, spreading misinformation is bad, but I don’t think this is the right the right way to do this.


I mean it can help them out, but honestly in the end of the day the mods should be able to go through and moderate, and relying on the community for moderation rather then adding more mods yourselves is kind of lazy. I don’t think the hive is doing this but still.


thats not true, pinging a staff member isnt minimodding. let me give some examples of minimodding


Well thats just immaturer/new people :stuck_out_tongue:

but yea, i see ur point here.


nope, don’t try and use new users as a scapegoat for minimoddding, minimodding is minimodding

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I edited the post O-o

because they are both inimodding and new people

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That’s kind of part of the problem though, new users who don’t actually know the rules acting like they do.


I agree with you on that. Maybe instead of a mini-modding rule, they could make the rules a bit more similar to a ToS guideline (where you have to read through all of it for at least 1 minute before accepting) then just a small pinned page? I feel like it’s really hard to stop people from mini-modding due to the fact that people are the uproot of any society (in this case a social media platform thing) so they might enforce rules by themselves if a mod is not present, which is a good thing. If someone is misinforming (which isn’t too common at all,) it’s best for people to either tell them that they are wrong instead of making a rule where you could be punished for attempting to help someone. That may also spark outrage in some communities although I’m not sure

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