Add GREEK as a language


You should add GREEK as a language on the hive!
I mean not only we are able to understand better but we can also get the TRANSLATOR hub title!

*My favourite hub title

More accessibility always makes sense. Ig Hive will probably add this at some point, but in the meantime I am voting.

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Thanks for your support :+1:

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That would be so cool


I agree with the idea. I voted and I wait. / Συμφωνώ με την ιδέα. Ψήφισα και περιμένω.



Nice idea! This could benefit the Greek speaking players that play the Hive, or bring some of them in!


Καλή ιδέα! Αυτό θα μπορούσε να ωφελήσει τους ελληνόφωνους παίκτες που παίζουν το Hive, ή να φέρει μερικούς από αυτούς!


Great idea! Voted!

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Is it a translation attempt? If yes, why is it only on tnt? / Είναι μία προσπάθεια μετάφρασης; Αν ναι, τότε γιατί είναι μόνο στον δυναμίτη;


where did you see that?

@Blockbyblock98 Its on the map “Construction” of Hide and Seek. This is from a custom server I made, only to take that screenshot, but it appears and normally.

Check it too, with the greek language as a choice in Minecraft’s settings. I believe that its a failed attempt (its ΔΥΝΑΜΙΤΗΣ, not ΔΥΝΑΜΊΤΗΣ) and that I see it, because Hive has an option to auto select languages, by having a selected language in Minecraft’s settings.

What’s your opinion?

so if you put greek in minecraft settings and then autopick in /lang you get that on Construction or does it have to be CS

@Blockbyblock98 Its not only on the custom servers and I didn’t do anything with /lang (plus that I don’t find greek there).


the same as:


Got confused a bit :grin:. /lang doesn’t have greek option and this confuses me :thinking:. That’s why I began asking. Is it auto-translate from Google translate?

I can’t explain it with other way :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Anyways, anybody please vote this idea. I really want greek language be added. :grin::grin::grin:

sure cus i went to greece and i want to continue learning although the hive probably isnt the best place but still

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Thanks for the support. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Greek is a very nice and valuable language for many reasons. You can search it too.

(I don’t underestimate the other languages, but I think you understand me. I’m proud of my language.)

Something last. If your native is not english and not an option of Hive, make a topic like this and I will support you (just notify me). :wink:


This is being translated by Minecraft; it’s taking the translation from the client (not us).


Was that a joke? Or is this actually real?

@Thomas4725 Its real.

Also, @Splodg3r have you thought to make a translation of Hive to greek too? You will have more players on the game. Players love having a game with their language as an option. For example, would you play a game that is not having your native language with the same will with a game that is not having your native? Also, it is a bit hard to some players to play without their native language an option, and this fact makes these players lose their interest on the game (and on every game). There are players that don’t know english (players that write in chat “Sorri, I dont spek englesh.”).

And remember Splodg3r:

More languages = More players
More players = More fame (and opposite)
More players on Hive = More income to Hive and its staff


You literally listed “more players” twice.
How I would say it is:

More languages = more players
More players = more fame and money
More money and fame = more support
More support = more games and the like
More stuff = more players

And the cycle continues…

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