Add GREEK as a language

I wanted to list them twice, but you made it better :wink:

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There’s a reason why the greek alphabet is used in other ways then spelling greek words, in fact, i just realized halfway through typing this that the word “alphabet” comes from alpha and beta!

Anyway im getting off topic so i’ll vote for this and uhhh idk please don’t splodge me

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I’m honestly surprised this doesn’t exist. You have my support.

Thanks, again, for your support guys.


I wish that a lot more languages were added; I fully believe in accessibility for all so this would be awesome.

Also does anyone know why there’s a limit on votes?

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@AyaanThe0nee I think I have answered to you again, but I will answer too. I really dont know how to help. Ask the staff.

To the other people: Please check this idea and please support it.

Also, @staff can I hope that my language will be added as an option here?

Bump. My dad is 20% Greek and so am I so I would love this



And @SmileyOnSpot Im happy that you support the idea. :slight_smile:


From a message that @Dragon_King1736 left me on a topic I came here. I will support this idea for only a reason:

Im greek too. :grinning: :greece: