Add Chorus Fruit

I just came up with a solution to pearl clutch issues.

So we all know about chorus fruit, right? You eat it and it teleports you somewhere with a cooldown.

So if you get knocked off the edge you can just eat one of these things and you’ll be back in the playing area. You can also teleport away if you are losing a fight.

Because of how powerful this item would be, it should be as rare as pearls in chests and have a low chance of appearing from gold ore.

I think this would be a nice addition.

For this to work though, the void would need to be lowered, because how it currently is by the time you finish eating it you’d already be dying in the void.


Cool idea. Time to set a hotkey for chorus now


yeah, maybe they can speed it up

Sounds like an ender pearl

i feel like if this got added a ton of ppl who get their kills by hitting ppl off would be annoyed, and i also think this would be just annoying in general. like, what if u hit someone off and they were like “haha chorus fruit go brr” and then jus tp to some random place?
idk, i think its a good thing and id like it personally, but it would be really annoying to others after a while.

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yeah but it would teleport you to a random place

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Good idea! but it might have some flaws…

I agree but disagree, in some cases this would be great, but it will give players the ability to glitch into certain spots they shouldnt be going


but it isnt…
its a chorus fruit

And it won’t teleport you outside of the play area


This one time i tested this in the end, when i jumped into the void with a chorus fruit and ate it i didnt get teleported and i just died

Other than that great idea but also im very indecisive with my hotkeys so now imma spend an hour looking for a chorus fruit hot key lol