Add an Option to Disable Social Media Adverts in Chat

Stolen from #bedrock-help-me in the Discord, just add an option to disable the advertisements for the Hive’s social media in chat.

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I think this should definitely be added, because I really hate getting ads for social medias or the forums which I either already know about, or don’t care about. Having it as an option would be perfect :slight_smile: :beedance:

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No, but seriously, good suggestion. I always look at the chat because of the messages hehe.

Splodger pls no ban

I think they already said they wouldn’t do this when some people complained about the “go watch streamer live on link” because they use the same system for more important messages.

For me I am not big on this idea, I don’t see a big deal with the Hive Self Promo. Also as DrYellower said they also broadcast other things with it that do need to be there.

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yeah, hivetok and other socials are also really good

yeah, i don’t think i want to see bald thanos streaming

not interested


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this is a duplicate suggestion! :pensive: in future please use the search icon :mag: before making a suggestion!

you can find the original suggestion here


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Duplicate suggestion