Add a PvP zone in the hub

Idea : Add a PvP zone in the Hub, to practice PvP with friends or random people, before a good TW game.

More information : Sometimes when I play my first TW of the day my PvP skills are always bad, because I need to train a little bit to get used and be good at PvP. The PvP zone could be anywhere in the hub, but everyone should have access to it and see it (it shouldn’t be 500 kilometers away of the spawnpoint of the hub.

An image of the PvP zone on the hub of Java Hive can be found here :

It would add more things to the hub, and also quests :

  • Kill 2 players in the PvP zone (10QP)
  • Kill 5 players in the PvP zone (20QP)
  • Kill 10 players in the PvP zone (30QP)

As always if you liked the suggestion please vote on it at the top of this topic, and if you disagree please comment why. :heart:

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yes. I still think duels is a better solution though.

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Good idea man :slight_smile:


Please don’t necro post

It means if you put unneeded discussion to a dead thread, especially this one.

Have a good day

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these seem pretty east to get

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