Add a menu for changing biome, weather, time and floor

I think there should be an easier more obvious way to change the floor, as well as a way to change your plot time, biome and weather. In regards to the floor, I don’t think it’s particularly obvious that it’s even possible to change the floor. Call me stupid, but I personally couldn’t figure it out when I first started playing. I tried a couple commands but couldn’t put my finger on it until I (let the bodies) hit the floor, hahaha.

I think at the very least, having a chat message when the round starts that tells you how to change the floor would be great!

Weather and time are just a nice touch in my opinion. Especially for themes like winter, it would be nice to be able to have a snowy night for example. If all of these were added, having an item in your inventory to bring up a menu would be ideal and very user friendly. If not, commands would work as well.

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I think these suggestions are great! But changing biome is kind of similar to changing the floor in my opinion.

Thank you!

And yes, maybe it is. It does effect the color of the grass, but I suppose maybe that isn’t necessary.

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This would be a great idea to add into the game! There would be so many more things I could do with options like this. Also I agree /floor is not known by some users and something like a nether-star could be the menu.

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Thanks so much!

A Nether star was the same item I was thinking of! Either that or a book. Just something that screams “click me!” haha.


There should be a ui way for console players