Add a cps cap


Make the Cps Cap on the Hive 20

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Who thinks it’s fair to go with 7 cps against 30 with drag click? 70% of people are mobile and console so only like 2% are drag and you’re going to give them the advantage? Sure they have a good click mouse so make the cap 20 for everyone. Clutches and combos work with 7 cps but are easier at 20. THEY STILL WORK.

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This would be unfair for the people that do drag click, because they had to learn how to and practice drag clicking. And since there is PBMM (player based match making) this is not really a problem.

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Considering the fact that the hive already has pbmm and already has a rule disallowing the lowering of debounce time, I think a cps cap is quite pointless if the player can achieve a certain amount of cps legitimately.

Truth be told, I do think that a good portion of people who can drag click (me) and are good at it (not me), do lower debounce which is against the rules, but you didn’t mention debounce time at all in your topic so you either don’t understand that, or are just being somewhat bitter. Since after all, you probably will only go up against players on the same platform as you


I personally have only clicked 14 cps a few times, and may have hit 15, I can’t really remember, but thats the highest cps I have had, just using that to show I’m not against it because it affects me.

CPS is a relatively small advantage/disadvantage in a theoretical cross platform game. People can definitely butterfly on mobile(not an effective butterfly, but still 10 cps), and I’ve seen people jitterclick on xbox controllers. The main thing is aiming, mobile has a hard time seeing their target while trying to attack it(on smaller screens), while console has a pretty low maximum turn speed, which can easily be used against them, while pc’s main issue is it takes a while to find good settings, and thats about it. There are a few other advantages and disadvantages to each platform, but even without those its relatively clear that cps isn’t always too big of an issue.

Personally, I would rather have better aim than have my cps be 3-4 higher, which is a choice that I have made as I butterfly 10 cps, which is my main clicking method, even though I can jitter 14-15

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cps doesn’t really matter…I only get 6-7 cps, and I can beat some with 15 cps.