Account Modes in sign-up


Since the forumers migrated to Microsoft log-in system, I think many people want to login without a Microsoft account or just to talk mostly in #off-topic and read the threads. So here is my idea:

More information:

When somebody wants to join (sign-up) to the forums, the person would like to select two modes of their profile:

  • Forumer-only mode The sign-up will be by creating a new forums, not Microsoft account or use any e-mail but Microsoft. They will have limit for posts every day and if they play in The Hive and are from Staff Team, they would need to create a new account by the Player mode, so the role will be displayed on the account here.
  • Player mode The sign-up will be like now - by a Microsoft account and they will have full functionality and use of the forums. Basically, the Player mode will be like the way now, with regulars, with everything now, but the Forumer-only mode will have a limited functionality.

I hope you guys understand my suggestion.

UPD: When a new sub-idea comes related to this thread, I will add it. You can continue the idea.

Hello! :beedance:
Unfortunately I don’t believe this is something that will be looked into. This would reverse the safety features that have been put in place with the Hive Bedrock forums Xbox Live login migration for some users.
Anybody not logged-in are always free to browse the forums as they wish.