A way to obtain costumes that are currently unavailable


It is my first post and I wanted to make a suggestion.

During the events of Halloween, Christmas or other past those skins there is no way to obtain them, it would be very good that in a while they could be sold.
o obtenidas con una mision.

Hey wytny! Welcome to the forums :slight_smile: Could you elaborate on what you mean in regards to not being able to obtain the skins during the events for Halloween and Christmas? Do you mean there should be a way to obtain them in-game without purchase? This year, there were two costumes (that I know of) that players were able to obtain without purchases during that event. First was the “Witch Cat” for Halloween and then the “2020 Teddy Bear” for the Christmas event. These costumes were earned by doing quests within the hub. The Hive can’t give everything away for free :slight_smile: . As for your second suggestion, I don’t believe this is really a need and here’s why: Costumes are just that… costumes. They are usually things that are pretty ridiculous and a lot of them don’t really look like people anyway. If you’re referring to the skin packs, could you give a few examples? Most of the skin packs I’ve seen have a good balance of skins for most people :slight_smile: . Don’t forget to vote for your own suggestion!


Most of the costumes seem to not really be gender specific, and the ones that explicitly have a gender seem to be somewhat balanced male to female wise. I don’t see this as a major problem, but I am obviously a male, so could someone else weigh in?

I think the eyebrows just do with the hive characters style for most things, I don’t think it’s anything more than that, and isn’t sexism


Most of the costumes are gender-neutral actually, it feels as though they’re more masculine than feminine because people tend to associate gender-neutralness with masculinity

If you and your friend are walking down a street and you see a wet dog whose gender you couldn’t tell crying for help, you wouldn’t notice if your friend said “aww, he’s so cute, let’s take him home!” but you would notice very clearly if your friend said “aww, she’s so cute, let’s take her home!”

pink and purple are not the greatest ways of representing girliness, although I could see why you would say that


Welcome to forums we love having friendly members to make the community better! I think the costumes are not female or male, obviously they are some that are obvious female or male. For instance my detective platypus skin is just a platypus dressed up like perry the platypus. Anyways welcome to forums!


We live in a society fr


And Perry is a he…

Sorry uh

Welcome to the forums

A lot of costumes are indeed gender neutral, as others have said. There are a few that aren’t such as the Secretary (aka Hive gets away with using a Nintendo character as a costume), but most of them are.

I don’t really look at the skin packs Hive has to offer, so that’s where I’ll stop.

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the costumes that where for events in the past are more like trophies to show off to everyone and buying them would make them less valuable.

Like many people have said in this topic most of the costumes are gender neutral and there is some feminine costumes. You have to factor in something too is that most people who play Minecraft are males.

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I have to truly wonder if that’s actually the case. I know many females who play… especially in this community. :slight_smile: While there are a lot of males, that isn’t a reason to only cater to them. Besides, I believe the Hive does an excellent job keeping a lot of things gender neutral as others stated. Perhaps the original poster should describe what exactly they mean/what they would like changed in a bit more detail :slight_smile:


se podria volver a tener misiones para obtener la piel de el gato negro del evento de halloween de años atras… ese es muy lindo y lamentablemente no pude tenerlo en esa ocacion.

I really would like to be able to obtain in some way the costumes / statues that are in the games, for example in murder at maximum level as a prize you get the costume of the sheriff and currently in the statues the costume of a sheriff girl appears, the costume seems cute to me and I would like to get it already by getting points, buying it with mine coins or as the sheriff that is given to the maximum level.


That sounds like a possible reward for a future level cap increase.

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but yet again how many other people want the male cop as the costume a better idea is making it a choice between the 2 of them

How about we just get both of them

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I think so we all got confused by the title of the post, if I’m not wrong, @wytny wants to say that “Older costumes that aren’t available currently should be made available through quests”

The title of the thread and the explaination of the idea doesn’t match and the above quoted text suggests that, that’s what they were trying to suggest.
Thanks to @TennisValeria for that translation :heart:


Can someone translate this? My school blocked Google Translate :flushed:

“Is it possible to have quests to obtain the black cat skin from the Halloween event years ago... it was really pretty and unfortunately I couldn’t obtain it in that occasion”


I don’t support, it is supposed to be a limited time only costume.


I don’t like this idea, as it wouldn’t be fun to get let’s say, grind your way to level 20 in Ghost Invasion 2019, get a costume, and just be available for sale a year later? In my opinion it’s kind of like a souvenir :slight_smile:


The original post was also about something else, although the poster edited it so now me and TGT and Chillster’s replies make no sense