A practical (and reasonable) use for Coal Ore


Using coal ore as “tool ore”

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Hello world!
This is my first post, so I’m sorry if I’ve done anything wrong.

I’m here to state a use I thought of for coal ore, that being a tool ore.

Basically, when mined, it would drop tools (like better pickaxes, axes, shovels, etc). Most sweats and good players probably wouldn’t use it, but it could be a good way for casual players to mine ores and blocks faster (not to mention the HUGE benefits for trapping lol)

For the loot table, I made this quick one:
25% - Iron Pickaxe
25% - Iron Axe
25% - Iron Shovel
8% - Gold Pickaxe
8% - Gold Axe
8% - Gold Shovel
1% - God Wooden Hoe (instamines all blocks but has low durability)

All of this is subject to debate, but after talking with a few friends I was told it was a good idea.

So, thank you for reading,

(also plz don’t be a dupe lol)


(and since editing isn’t working for some stupid reason on my phone, the God wooden hoe (or whatever it would be) would have the same durability as like iron tools, durable enough so that if you mine a few blocks it won’t break, but not so durable that you can just spam it without a care in the world)

this would be an interesting way to somewhat bring back the tool drops the diamond ore had in may last year but tbh i would never use it

Yeah, a lot of people wouldn’t use it, honestly I just see trappers and people who got bad block luck using it.

Doesn’t mean it’s any more unnecessary though :wink:

I think this is a cool idea! I like the explanation of the percentages, and I think that this could be pretty useful for some things in Skywars.


Cool idea! Got my vote!


They couldn’t do this until they stop support for 1.16

I like this except for the last 4 options for the loot table. They seem too OP. I like the rest of this thread tho. Welcome to the forums btw :).

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I like the idea, but I don’t particularly like how there are so many items. I think there should be a diamond pickaxe, an enchanted iron pickaxe, and maybe a looting golden pickaxe. Almost exactly like the swords.

In the first place, I don’t see much a use for this idea. Iron pickaxes are fine, and let’s be real here, we rarely ever use our axes. If this were to be added, I feel like it would just be a bunch of extra work for the hive.

I didn’t put diamond tools specifically because they’d be a better fit in diamond ore

that could be another reason the ore is unnecessary, you can just get a diamond pickaxe from a diamond ore, and there would be no need for anything else

If this was added, I think the drop percentages would have to be tweaked, because having 3% chance of a ‘god tool’ mean there would most likely be one every game.

Also, if you have come across an insta break hacker you know they are rlly annoying to fight, since you can’t follow them across bridges.

This would be the same if you see someone with a god tool.


Cool idea, but copper ore doesn’t look good, so maybe it could be a different ore like coal.
(Just an idea)

Eh, coal or copper would both work.

It’s down to the Hive!

This would be a buff to trapping and it would help cool idea imo

Gold mines faster and iron has a better chance of dropping. Pickaxes don’t drop anyway.

I like the idea but maybe less drops idk if Hive would add so much for an ore that only 10% of the players would use so maybe just iron and gold tools

I should rework the table but I’m too lazy.

Anyway yeah we’ll just have iron and gold tools as well as an instamine tool w low durability

Bump. I really want some more discussion :smiley:

this is cool but hive have support for 1.16.100
also and in that version copper was not introduced.
They might have to remove support for version before 1.17.
and 1.16.100 is often used for shaders on windows 10

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