A new Medic kit

An idea I had for the new Kits mode is that the Hive should add a Medic kit.

The kit would start out with a Spellbook of Life that would refresh 30 seconds after use, similar to the Trapper’s invisibility potion.

It would also have an ability called Lifesteal, where after every kill you gain 1-3 hearts like how you get an extra pearl with the Voidwalker.

That’s my idea. Thoughts?

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Im thinking 30 seconds

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That’s fair, you do have redstone that you can mine all over the map

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I think the hive needs to balance the other kits before adding more, but this is a really good idea for one.

Great idea! :slight_smile:

Not too OP and not ineffective, perfect!

Might be a bug with suggestions-skywarskits

I can’t vote anymore (already voted, but the button is gone)

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bump for discussion purposes

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Maybe there can be a item (‘First Aid Kit’ maybe?) that can allow the medics to help their team (if teams do get added to Kits)? Also, what does the Spellbook of Life do? Does it give hearts to the user? Can the Spellbook of Life be dropped by Lapis for other players to use (even if it is one time use for them)?
That’s my thoughts on that for now.

spellbook of life is already in the game, its just that the medic would start with one

and yes it gives hearts

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ah ok
I don’t use lapis or spells at all so I didn’t know at all
But now it rings a bell!
Thanks for telling me

I forgot to mention in that post that I really like that idea and it has my vote. I just wanted a few questions answered there :slight_smile: