A Mario Kart Game

Add Mario Kart (You can name it whatever you want)

firstly i just already have to say this isn’t possible cuz of copyright issues, even if hive modify some stuff it’s still gonna technically a copy and will issue violations by nintendo

secondly, you can’t just tell hive to add what you want and expect them to accept the idea. you have to say why you wanted it added and how it would work, as well as more info too

thirdly, this is not in the proper category


I honestly don’t think there’s any point in “Mario kart”
The hive already has deathrun, and it would basically just be deathrun but with karts.

I believe this is just a bad version of this topic that already exists New Game: Hive Racers


But the in deathrun 2 peeps try and ruin your life but in Mario kart all peeps destroy your life

This seems to be a duplicate suggestion, so I’ll be closing this. In the future, please be sure to use the search function to make sure you’re not making a duplicate suggestion. Thanks! :slight_smile: