A Brand New Minigame

Among Us:

[It Would Be Amazing To Play Among Us In Minecraft PE/BE/JE]

Because I Can’t Afford The Pc Versions Of Minecraft I Play In Minecraft PE So I Wanted To Play Among Us In Minecraft PE But I’ll Buy The Pc Versions Of Minecraft Soon/Later…:
Add Among Us In HiveMc(BE/PE)…

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Tbh, I really don’t see the point in making among us in Mc. You can just play it on your phone for free.
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Well obviously they can’t entirely rip off the among and market it as their minigame. And there is murder mystery which has similar aspects to that game.

If you want to play Among Us, just play- Among Us lol.

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  1. duplicate
  2. copyright issues
  3. you’re likely underage considering how you’re acting
  4. @mods should definitely close this and look into him