2 Year Loginstreak Costume - Time Bee

So, we all know about the 365 (1 Year) LoginStreak Reward, right?
If you didn’t know, it is a costume called ‘Time Owl’.

Time Owl Costume


Over 100 people now have this costume and some people already have a 2 year LoginStreak. So, I think it would be a great idea, if Hive added a Costume for 2 years. Maybe this could be a remake of the ‘Time Owl’ or maybe even a ‘Time Bee’!


I think they’ve confirmed somewhere that they wont be adding anymore loginstreak rewards, because some people lost the streaks on purpose to get rid of stress.


Time bee - I’ve never heard something so original for me; VOTED!

Make sure to vote for your own suggestion

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no please for the love of god don’t do this.

yes, i know, those people should be rewarded but imo it’s too late to add this. a lotta people get 365 then just stop maintaining, so, it’d be kinda unfair (they stop maintaining because what’s the point?).


Yeah, I was thinking that. Maybe they could change the 365 loginstreak reward to ‘Time Bee’ as that more matches the server. But tbh, the people who do have a 2 year loginstreak which is 5 people, so deserve something extra, maybe just a costume gift or something?

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yeah that’s true, i was thinking that, but again, it’d be unfair to the many many people who quit the streak because there wasn’t a reward.

those 5 or so people should get something but idk, you can’t win lol.

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No, the costume is fine as is. It symbolises time - An owl is wise and you literally have to spend 365 days to get it.

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How does the Owl make sense though? I know it is wise, but you don’t have to be wise to log on for a year straight?


Wisdom comes with time

Plus, if it isn’t broken, there’s no point fixing it. People like the costume, so why change it?

I would vote, but 2 years is too long for me.

Perhaps I missed a post from another team member, but from my personal knowledge we have never decided this.


I might be completely misremembering, but I believe Splodger responded to a post a few months back saying something along the lines of; “We don’t plan on making anymore login streak rewards past 365 days”

I tried looking for that post, but I can’t seem to find it. I’ll continue to search around.


Yeah I can’t find anything like that

All I found was

Talking about a 1000+ Day Login Streak

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Yeah I think that was it… I guess? I am pretty sure I remember a staff member or moderator saying something different regarding this, but oh well. :slight_smile:

I guess I was indeed misremembering.

Anyways about the suggestion; Reaching a 365 day login streak is already annoying/stressful enough for many who care about collecting Hive cosmetics. I don’t believe adding more rewards past 365 days is a good idea.

Maybe one way they can add Time Bee is by making the Time Owl costume a 350 day login reward, and having Time Bee as the new 365 day reward. Or they can simply have both Time Bee and Time Owl as a 365 day reward

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Yeah I remember a mod saying that (it might have been splodger)

Or I think Time Bee as 200 and Time Owl as 356 (or maybe Time Bee as 300) just because making it 15 less seems kinda stupid lol.

As far as I’m aware, our only statement regarding additional login streak rewards was in this post:


Ohh yeah! That’s the response I was thinking of. :slight_smile:

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IT WAS CLANK ALL ALONG (that’s a joke)

Yeah that was the comment I remember

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Perhaps my response on that thread was misinterpreted, but all it’s saying is that we may, or may not, add more login rewards. It simply not locked in either way :slight_smile:.