Zombie arms don’t work on the hive

Affected Service (ItzDigitalYT, the whole server and some other servers.):
What was affected - All regions and the the name of the map, everywhere

What is the bug?
So on The Hive when I use cake zombie from Minecraft’s 1st birthday skin pack, since the zombie skin has zombie arms, it’s blocking out my skin. can you pls fix this issue because I see other people wearing zombie arms on the hive so i don’t know if there hacking or downloading some third party software to let them bypass, but this glitch is so stupid, so pls fix the zombie arms bug.

Device(s) & Version
All devices and 1.19.83

Screenshots and/or video:
I have no screenshot

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Hello :wave:

Thanks for submitting a bug report.

Some older skin packs, including the one you mentioned, may be blocked by our skin filtering systems as we do not have the data for these skins.

Whilst we try to allow as many Marketplace skins as possible through our skin filtering systems, we sadly cannot assist with this issue as we do not have the data for that particular skin.

Happy Hiving :slightly_smiling_face:

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