Youtuber Hub Easter Egg!

One Of the many houses In The Hive Lobby, Should be filled with signs of every player who has the YT rank on them.

I’m not entirely sure, but I think that not too many people on Bedrock have the Youtube rank… adding these few signs to a house in the hub Would give another incentive for people to produce Hive Content.

There are multiple unused buildings that no one ever goes too in hub, so it shouldn’t be a “space” issue.

It would be fun for a youtuber to be able to make a “I GOT YOUTUBE RANK VIDEO!” standing next to a sign with their name on it that everyone could go and see.

This would be a great way for hive to acknowledge many of the popular faces in the community, and make content creators feel like they are a part of the server.

The only problem I see with this is if I am underestimating the amount of people who have youtube rank, I’m guessing theres like 15, but if someone says "No there is actually 692 people with it, then that wouldn’t fit in a house (obviously)

Plz vote would be a cool house for the hub

(Put a sign on the door that says:)
C l o u t
H o u s e

Offer feedback please and thank you.

Using signs wouldn’t really fit the Hive style; there’re kind of clunky imo. Also, the Hive probably won’t update the hub every time there’s a new partner.


How often is there a new partner? Every other month?

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It varies, but it’s still a lot of work just because someone became a partner. Plus, not all Hive partners are YT rank. A possible solution to the signs, would be floating text, but that’s also a little weird


On a somewhat unrelated note, I wish the hive had an official staff roster and a place to check who has yt rank


There is kind of already an official staff roster. You just look in the groups section of the forums. Every mod and helper are required to have forum account, so it is 100% accurate. I use it to inform you of needed changes to your unofficial roster. A partner roster would be cool though


Yeah I use it to make it, but something on the website would be nice lol

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