You should be able to choose special costumes for teams

To explain better, I think you should be able to choose a costume for a specific team, and everyone on that team would have that costume put on automatically. Everyone would need the costume, or just the owner needed the costume. (I’m not sure yet.) this would make it so you would be able to identify teams better, especially on games like sg, where it can be hard to tell who your teammate is from far distances. [poll type=regular results=on_vote chartType=pie]

  • Costumes for teams

Could be good for players (Especially colourblind players so they can see the different costumes rather than the Name colour) it might cause a bit of lag tho, im not sure. Thoughts anyone??


Yeah, 2 of my friends are colourblind, and one literally cant tell where blue is. the other isnt as bad


Great Idea :smiley:
Perhaps instead of a costume there could be a designated mascot for each team :thinking:
Perhaps it should be integrated outside of cs as well

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Good idea!

Lol sorry but I just had a thought… where would you do this settings on the custom servers games settings?


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this seems very reasonable as to I am colorblind too, this would indeed help!

I don’t think this would be the right solution for you, adding the first letter of the team color next to the player name would probably be better but WoUlD bE cOpYiNg HyPixEl AnD hIvE lIkEs To Be OrIgInAl


I guess that’s true, that would help more

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bumping this is good

Very good idea! I think it should be only the owner that needs the costume other wise it will be hard again for everyone to get the same costume.