XP idea for Just Build?

Since Just Build doesn’t really have any good ways of getting XP, what if you can get some “starting” XP?

There could be a specific amount of XP depending on the theme that would just be given to you at the end of the building part of the game. There could also be a limit to how many blocks that can be placed before the game starts taking away that XP, similar to the 30 coin limit in Murder Mystery.

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Cool idea! If you want people to vote on it, change the topic to #suggestions:just-build with the pencil icon. :pencil2:

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I like the idea jb is so hard to level up in this could be a great addition (also hi I didn’t know u where in the forums)

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I don’t agree on this. XP should be given based on the ratings not on the number of blocks placed. It limits the creativity of players if they wanted it to be big but can’t build it anymore because the game limits them with the extra xp.