Xp Bost for having Less Teammates

If your Teammates Leave or you don’t get any when you load you get an Xp Bost for doing all the work by your self.


(This post was made at 2:30 Am)

Stop playing at 2 am to Get more Teamatez (This post was made at 2:37 PM)

You Didn’t have to Heart My Feelings

That was a Joke…

not a bad idea, actually! vote.exe

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no. It’d be good to get more xp but I don’t like how 1 person gets all the xp, ngl but in my opinion its a bad idea. I mean what if theres like a hacker In a team by themselves. They are basically getting rewarded for hacking and not having a teammate. Btw what is wrong with you posting at 2:00 AM

what do you mean by this?

I think it’s fine considering having less teammates doesn’t really affect you

I think if your a pro and you play with low level randoms you just do all the work anyway lol. I play late and get stuck by myself too so I get why you’d want an xp boost and fight by yourself though. Maybe they should just put all the squads players into a trios queue if there aren’t a lot of players playing at a point in the day so people could play in full games.

Lets just ignore the fact that above average players probably never unless it’s with atleast 1 of their friends

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I mean yeah people who try to grind quick wins who try to push the leaderboards do but I’ve seen higher level players play by themselves just for fun like me hehe

I have one multiple squad matched by my own and rarely died in them so I do think this is a much needed implementation.

dude stop necro posting


It’s only necroing if the bump was from a month. But yeah, this did not need any further discussion.