Xp-boost subscription

I think instead of paying a dollar for a global xp hood you can pay 10 dollars for 2 boosters every week for a year

I’m not sure this would be profitable for the hive….
Be useful for grinders tho


Yes, but better a 1 year subscription

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Wait I’m confused would you have to pay 10 dollars! Every week? Because if that is so then that would be such a scam and If this was 10 dollars and then you could get 2 xp booster every week, then hive would make like No profit from this.


10 dollars for a one year subscription

Ten dollars for boosters for a year
No way man

A booster is exactly a dollar per quantity. So if they do that 2 X 52= 104-10= 94 dollars unspent and that’ll make it very unprofitable on hive’s part. I suggest making a bundle of boosters with free 5 boosters included which totals in 15 booster which can be bought for 10 dollars.