Wrong Word for (Teleport) - Portuguese

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In the Game Selector menu, under Replay Cinema, Quest Island, and Hub Spawn. And may also affect other titles, words, etc. including (Teletransportar).

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I have never seen or heard this word used for teleport, which brought a lot of confusion to me. I assumed what the word met after looking at it but it made me very confused because I associate teleport with teleporte, I thought mabey teleporte was just what I grew up with since words can vary depending on family. I reached out to one my friends who previously lived in Brasil, who agreed with teleporte and was also confused about teletransportar. (This was added after this message was confirmed) I just wanted to add something I forgot to mention before. Teletransportar is used for teleport only when it is put with words such as “to” or “with.” For example, you would not say “teleporte para ele” for “teleport to it.” Instead, you would say “Teletranspotar para ele.” If you are just trying to say teleport, it is grammatically correct to just say “teleporte.” (Which is a verb). Otherwise, it seems like you want to say teleport with, teleport to, or teleport there. I hope that added a little more back up for the correction. I apologize I didn’t say that originally.

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After discussions with our translators, we have decided to change the affected text to ‘Ir agora’, to ensure that the text fits on the line, but continues to make sense.

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