Wrong translate of QP

Affected Language:

Affected service:
Hub, quest master, buying screen, buy button

Affected Text:

Suggested Text:

Explanation of Issue:
The text can confuse the people. There is “QP” in other places.

Screenshots and/or video:

Hey there,

Thanks for submitting a translation suggestion.

The translation of QP to ОЗ was a deliberate decision by our Russian translators, but I can understand why you feel that it would be better to replace this with the original English text.

I’d love to hear from other Russian-speaking players on how they feel about this change!

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Previously, there was a topic about replacing “ОЗ” with “QP” and this topic was approved, but when buying a booster, a costume or a costume gift, “ОЗ” remained.

I have gone ahead and swapped out оз with QP across all of the remaining translations.