Wrong text when buying a gift of hats

Affected Language:
Spanish - Spain (Español - España)

Affected Service (Game name, hub, or menu):
When using /gift to buy in the hats section

Affected Text:
10 fichas de regalo para sombreros

Suggested Text:
1 ficha de regalo para sombreros

Explanation of Issue:
The quantity and the text are wrong, the number 10 is a 1 in reality at the time of purchase, and the text speaks in plural when referring to chips but if you buy only 1 it should not be plural.

Screenshots and/or video:

The last image is just to show you that by clicking on it you will only buy 1 hat gift for the price of 160 minecoins

Hey there,

Thank you for reporting this.

I have fixed it and the updated text should appear in-game soon.

Have an awesome day!

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