Wolrd cup Qatar 2022

Wolrd cup hub and new costume title. messi,ronaldo,mbappe and neymar and in wolrd cup hub you need to find all ballond’or wolrd cup and with ballond’or wolrd cup you can get one of wolrd cup player costume and title like messi,mbappe,ronaldo and neymar. if we want to find a ballond’or wolrd cup there have a question about world cup and when you want to go in to the server you have a choice to vote what country will win in wolrd cup. for title

Mbappe=Everything is Possible

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Idk the world cup is already like half way done and it would take a while to develop something like this.
+qatar world cup is kinda controversial anyway


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I don’t think this will be very suitable for the Hive. Thanks for the suggestion though!

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Explain why, saying you disagree with something isn’t useful if you don’t explain why.

The players you mentioned may have copyrighted their brands, and would be impossible for hive to get in touch with them.

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I agree with all the replies and to add on to this, the World Cup literally has nothing to do with Hive at all.

yeah hive will never do any sports related stuff

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just read this rq:

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Like people said above, it would almost be impossible for Hive to obtain rights / get in contact with the World Cup.

This isn’t something we would be interested in adding, unfortunately.