Wool blocks

Insted of (16 wool blocks for 5 iron) make (32 wool blocks for 5 iron).

Make the wool blocks 32 for 5 iron.

Wool blocks in bedwars are a scam, 16 blocks isnt really enough to bridging at the biggening of a game and some people are not very good at parkour and it takes long time to finally get diamonds.

Wool at the biggening is a scam, some times in multiple maps 16 wool isnt enough to reach diamond generator and they are expensive at the biggening sence the iron generator is really slow.

Welcome to the forums @Gxdee2400_M! Now a lot of people(like me) want 32 blocks with 5 iron however one of the main changes that bewares made from treasure wars was Rushing Every map in treasure wars allowed you to go to diamond gen and rush the other team. However, the hive wanted to make bigger maps, and this would also mean that some maps you can rush and other’s you can’t. Also, what you can do is get diamonds, upgrade gen, and from there planks are cheaper since they come out the same time as iron, and since you get 32 blocks for 5 gold, it’s cheaper after upgrading your island gen. Now for me, the main reason I would want this is cause I believe the iron gen is slower then tw gold gen, and with the blocks nerf, it makes it worse but as you can see, the hive wants bigger maps. Anyways, welcome to the forums!

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Which are the rushes?

The team(s) closest to you.

Sorry i mean the rush maps

Oh I don’t know those maps names… but rush maps are maps that take up to 32 blocks to go from your island to Diamond Gen to the Opponents island, while what I’d call “laid back maps” are maps that take up to 64 blocks to go from your island to Diamond Gen to the Opponents island.

What about ones only taking 5 iron to get 16 wool to get to Diamonds/Emeralds preferbaly without those annoying islands in the middle and straight although you ignore my pregerneces itd be good for you and me just messafe me to keep it secrey and you could do cs and try evert map