Win streak stats

Win streak stat

This has most likely been suggested, but you should add a win streak stat for all of the games. Like in the lobby’s maybe at the very top put the win streak stat.


they wont add this because they don’t want to be responsible for the many unfair reasons one might lose it(hackers, server crash), which is very understandable.


Yah, that makes sense. Now I know they won’t put this much work in for one stat, nor do I know why I’m saying this, but the only way they would be able to fix this is if they implemented an appeal thing where you could get a helper or mod to see if someone was hacking to make them lose their win streak, and you might be saying, well this is dumb, everyone is gonna do it every time. Well you could make it to where you can only appeal after a 20+ winstreak, meaning it can’t be someone random that is bad at the game.

Although it might work for instances where the hacker was responsible for the loss of Win streak, we can’t vouch for it when it’s a server-side issue or a client side issue. Not to mention the added toxicity that comes along with having a Win Streak counter.
Currently, we are not considering adding it :slightly_smiling_face: