Win and Kill Effects

There should be a visual effect when you kill someone in a game (mostly directed towards twars, sky, and surv. games) and another visual effect when you are the winner.

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For example, when you kill someone in Twars, lightning strikes upon them.

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what would be the point of that? you already get chat messages for when you kill people, and there’s a fullscreen title for when the game ends.

Also rapid lightning strikes would cause lag. Especially in SG where half the lobby is gone a minute after grace period.


Hi there, welcome to the forums! This would be really cool, but this is already a duplicate topic.

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he said this as an example. (I think its from one of the kill effects in Hypixel skywars?) But I think he really meant something like the blood kill particle etc. This is something you can get in Hypixel for coins I think, and also this would make ppls monatges look way more sick when you kill someone in slowmo (Don’t know if anyone knows how to do that yet cuz currently the only ppl I see using a slowmo effect is SammyGreens montages)

Judging by the age of Minecraft’s fanbase and how it’s rated E10+ I don’t think blood would be very suitable for this game.

Also this is Bedrock Edition, not Java. People play on devices with as little RAM as 2GB(really old tablets and phones). Dynamic and rapid effects on screen would be a real challenge to these devices. Wouldn’t be very fun if Minecraft crashed or your iPad overheated every few games you play(there’s also no option to turn off particles on Bedrock like one Java).

I still don’t really see the point of this, though…overdramatizing kills and victories is really something that I don’t get the point of.


Adding red particles to simulate blood isn’t very graphic, it is just minecraft after all.

I do agree that particles should be minimal to help with performance though, so maybe they can be turned off in Hive settings. Mineplex already has that feature.


i dont see why dramatizing kills should be a thing…i could be misunderstanding, what’s the point of this?

Having particles when you kill a player just looks cool and people like it. It’s nothing serious.


it looks cool to kill people and blood explodes out of them…sorry what?
also making a big deal out of kills and wins is a huge ego booster, and the hive has enough large-egoed players so…

“Killing” people is the point of most pvp games, so if you kill people you win, and winning is pretty cool if you ask me. Kill effects don’t have to look like blood particles if you’re actually worried about kids being scared of a couple pieces of redstone flying out.

Besides, this isn’t a realistic first person shooter, it’s a block game where players vanish into thin air after their shiny read hearts disapear.


gets transformed into dust*


If you think The Hive has “enough large-egoed players” then you haven’t been on literally any pot-pvp server


sorry but am i the only one who gets put into games which people devote the whole time taunting people and starting arguments? when you tell them to shut up and play the game like it should be they just get saltier and angrier?

and no, pvp is not my thing.

i thought by blood you meant literal red droplets and smoke bursting out of the player.

not really happened to me, most people are focused on the game.

Like I guess if you could get a beacon if you win or weapons could disperse, that could be cool, but I don’t want Hive to become Hypixel that’s all.

I believe right now Treasure wars and Sky Wars don’t need such a thing because it will cost lag fps for some players with low devices, it won’t be much enjoyable as it’s on java😛, that’s my opinion

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