Where is shows your stats make it show your win streak

There is no way to know your win streak when your playing so on your stats bar in the game lobby it should show your win streak because if you have a high one you know to play safe or agressive

Well then you don’t have to choose because it just doesn’t show it.
I suggest picking depending on whether there are other tryhards or not.


I agree with adding a winstreak counter, but a good way to judge your winstreak would be to use a third party hive leaderboard website or the api itself (albeit the latter is kinda weird), and just look at peoples level in the lobby and use that to judge also


I would like this in the personal stats in lobby yes, but i would also like to add the possibility of having a lead in game! So have a teasurrewars lobbby with the treasurewars lead, just build with a just build lobby, etc


I’m bumping this so more people can see this