What items/currency will the new bedwars have? I say IRON!

I really think we should have iron, gold, diamonds, and emeralds as currency for BEDWARS!
Just like vote here or smh idk how this hive website thing works, I would just really want iron/gold as the currency

The Hive hasn’t given any info about the game yet so I don’t see why this suggestion should be suggested.

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Is this just taken from hyp’s bw?
If it’s i think hive wont consider this.

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These currencies are used for almost all types of Bedwars, so this would not be ‘taken’ @Crystalline233. :bed:

Also, please don’t make a suggestion on something that will probably be added anyways, even if they didn’t give us a description, it’s still easily predictable that we will have all of these currencies. :moneybag:

Have a great day! :sunny:

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