Weekly item idea: Rewinder

My idea for the skywars weekly item:

The weekly item would be the REWINDER.
It would work that if you use the rewinder, then it will get you black on the place you were five seconds ago.

It would take 1.5 seconds to take you back and while it rewinds you, it will do the rewind video efect and the sound efect./ It will instantly teleport you back.

The item would look the same like the rewind button in replay cinema.
The item would be found in mystery chest, ender chest and dropped from the emerald ore.

Hello! Now I like the idea, but I have 1 worry, and it’s… how is the Hive gonna make this? Not only would it be hard to rewind a player, but if multiple people are doing this at the same time, there would be lag issues. Yep that’s my only idea. For the hive, I don’t know if this is a scuffed Ender pearl, but anyways I like this idea but I don’t think it can be done sadly.


store the positions of each player for the past 5 seconds. they do it with whole games for replay cinema, so it shouldnt be too hard unless replay takes a long time to store
as you said tho, it would probably be a lag farm


Oh, oh. Thx, i didnt reilaze that

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The idea is good :+1: but it could be more cooler if we could be able to teleport to the nearest land while falling.