Weekly Game Maps

So hive has been on a bad schedule with maps sometimes adding many at once in game updates like sky wars, adding them frequently for a short time like with capture the flag, or rarely adding new maps like dr, sg, mm, and h&s (the games hive never updates)
So I’m suggesting weekly maps

Every week there would be a new map added to a gamemode, or multiple maps added to games (depending on the speed and size of build team)
I do think weekly maps would be possible as most map terrain is made using build tools (as seen from looking out of bounds on maps)
This would give players a reason to return to play these games and make them less boring, but if this is way too hard for the build team to do I have a solution

The volunteer build team would be players who want to help the server but don’t work for the hive, I’ll explain this in more detail
Just like helper role players would have to go through and apply for the build team. Some of the things they would have to do is show their build skill, have lots of free time to be able to build these maps, and have reasons just like helper
What Would These Players Do
If someone is part of the build team they are expected to be able to help build at many times, they can lose their building job if they aren’t helping with building, can’t help often, or are making many mistakes. Leaking future maps will result in punishment.
If someone on the build team hacks or griefs they will be fired and banned from hive permanently
The volunteer build team isn’t a payed job but they can get perks such as
Flying in hub
Access to all cosmetics

I know so many under 18 or under 20 year old builders.
It could be them chance to shine in the spotlight!

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Quantity doesn’t always equal quality. Sure, more maps are always great to have, but it takes time to build high-quality maps, which cannot be done within a week. :smile:

For anyone interested in working for The Hive as a level designer, we offer jobs (18+, serious applications only).
[There are currently no job openings :exclamation:]

This is not something we plan to implement, as we have a build team with more than 10 members, working part/full time. Additionally, volunteer builders usually don’t have as much experience as professional level designers.

And you pretty much mentioned most downsides to this aleady; volunteer builders aren’t as reliable when it comes to time management and other important capabilities, which are important for such a position. :wink:


ima bump this because hide and seek just got new maps and games like skywars are extremely boring with no new maps/updates
i definitely understand a lot of maps take time to build like deathfun and survival games but others such as the skywars and treasure wars maps look VERY easy to build especially with a team, because it’s just copying the same structures then adding the game’s code to that map


Very good idea I would love to see new maps added every week or a few weeks.