Weekly costumes suggestion

So something has came to my attention and I would like to ask the Hive about it.
It’s about the weekly costumes, it feels like they’re being rushed. I mean I know Hive likes to make different variants of their costumes but nowadays most new costumes are some variant/version of another costume that alreadyyy has other variants! I mean like there’s already 2 mushroom costumes, now an ice shroomy? There are already 2 friender dragons, now a snowy dragon? A frost Moose? huh???
And they’re all mostly just recolors with a bit of extra or different modeling…
Idk it just feels like they’re becoming lazy with these costumes.

My suggestion is that they stop doing weekly costumes so that they have more time to think about costumes and just release ones whenever they have a good one ready, or just stick to the monthly ones!

This seems like a good suggestion for Hive to do but it isn’t that much important of them to make completely new costumes every week because if they tried to do that every week, then they will eventually run out of ideas.


Yes I agree
Please hive if you don’t have time to add weekly costumes, instead of straight up recolouring other costumes, just don’t add them

the latest one is a ripoff of the toy robot from December

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