Weekly Costume Rotation

Hi everyone!

This idea revolves around a redone Costume Rotation.

Upgraded Rotation

Currently costumes are rotated on a weekly basis 3 at a time. I think we could increase the rotation to 6(3 different ones on each side) instead of just the 3 basic rotation. New costumes on a bi-weekly basis like usual.

Costumes currently not on rotation will no longer be purchasable from the Hive Store or gifting menus. These make costumes that aren’t on rotation more valuable. Players are more likely to make a purchase when their favorite costume is in rotation as they won’t know when the costume will return. Plus, this reduced selection will make it so players aren’t overwhelmed with the amount of purchasable costumes.

Hive Store Menu

With a rotating store, the Hive Store Menu(In the pause menu) won’t be so cluttered. Players will easily be able to find the available costumes that week and other purchasables(Hive+, XP multiplier, etc.) that were previously hidden between hundreds of costumes.

Let me know what you think!

I know this would be a change some members of the community may reject. However, its better for Hive’s business in the long run as players are more likely to spend more with the rotating store and the cleared Hive menu store. Let me know what you think. :slight_smile:

I don’t really see the point of this. Making all costumes limited time would be kind of annoying imo, and would ruin most giveaways. There’s also a search bar in the marketplace, so them having lots of stuff in it isn’t a problem imo.


Ye. I really do not think this is a good idea because I don’t want to have to wait ages for a costume I want.

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Currently, there isn’t a search bar in the Server Marketplace menu(Pause menu). Even if one was added, its still an extremely cluttered section and players won’t be able to see items if they didn’t know they existed(Most don’t know about the free XP booster, etc.). Costumes wouldn’t be limited time and would come back into rotation eventually. For giveaways, I could see a point there.

It would incentive you to purchase them if it became on sale right? A big part of this is to get players to make the purchase.

Ah, didn’t realize that. But still, this would be removing one kind of annoying for another kind of annoying.

Still, there are a lot of costumes they’d have to cycle through(approximately 150 from my count, might be wrong though), even with 6 a week. So people would have to wait a long time(about 25 weeks with this many costumes) to get whatever costume they want.

Sure, limited time things are usually popular, but with costumes, I’m pretty sure having 150 costumes would be better for sales than only having 6 available at a time. More being available makes it more likely for someone to find one they like, and then buy it.

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I think that it would benefit the hive to have more costumes rotated weekly, so players can get an idea of what different costumes look like but still be able to buy any costume they want.

If I saw a content creator or just someone in game with a nice costume, I might decide I want to buy it. If I then realised I couldn’t, and didn’t like any of the weekly ones I wouldn’t buy anything.

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