(Warning: Detailed) - BlockParty

I know this has already been talked about multiple times (twice) across the Hive forums, but I don’t think anyone has actually thoroughly put thought into the reason “why” it would be a good addition. I feel like we should put this minigame back on the table, and with all the assets that Hive currently has, I feel they would be able to make Bedrock BlockParty one of the top minigames that would push Hive over-the-top!

Base of the game:

With all the assets that Hive has from the Bedrock version of the game, and the addition of new models that could be designed by @Fowben for the power-up spawns, the game could be made even better than Java edition. It could be similar to Java in terms of how the music is chosen, and players using mobile phones, tablets etc, could connect up using the internet and have it play through the web if on android. Hive also has the option to use multiple sound files within Minecraft, and just adding a server-resource-pack for BlockPartry would be a good alternative for those on iOS.

I do see the issue that comes up here, which is how the music is actually going to play, and if it is limited, what songs are going to play? But I am sure that the Hive team have the intelligence and resources to overcome this hurdle.

This isn’t the only thing that needs to be thought of… Bedrock is a heavily competitive platform in terms of players, and while all partnered servers treat each other equal, they all still try to go over the top when it comes to custom minigames. The Lifeboat Network already has BlockParty, though with only having 3-4 songs, and 2 of them being Christmas themed, there is definitely room for a more polished version of this minigame.

Gamemodes & Powerups:

The Hive could possibly create more game modes of BlockParty, with a 20 player version, and a 50 player mega-version with random occurrences such as Hardcore mode, which would be following the boss-bar colour, while keeping wool-coloured blocks of a different colour to put-off the player who enabled the game-mode. This could be a different game-mode entirely, leaving the ability for 3 versions of the minigame.

We all love powerups, which is why powerups would be a game-changer within the BlockParty game-mode. The “mega” version (50 player) of the game would include the powerups with different abilities such as speed boost, colour bomb (changes wool/colour blocks to target colour), and the classic ender pearl. All of these powerups would make the game much more challenging.

Locker rewards:

The bedrock version of Hive rewards players as they level up by new items in their locker. I have a good idea on the items that could be added to the locker, and how they could affect the game. The first option would be to be the death sound or look. This could start from:

  • Level 2: Villager Angry Sound Effect
  • Level 5: Pig Death Sound Effect
  • Level 7: Guardian Hit Sound Effect
  • Level 10: Wither Death Sound Effect
  • Level 12: Blaze Hit Sound Effect
  • Level 15: Toast Sound Effect
  • Level 17: Iron Golem Death Sound Effect
  • Level 20: Enderdragon Roar Sound Effect

The next changeable option would be particle effects. When the player is running these particles would follow behind them leaving a trail. The following particles would be added:

  • Level 2: Lime Dust Particles
  • Level 5: Redstone Dust Particles
  • Level 7: Smoke Particles
  • Level 10: Snow Particles
  • Level 12: Villager Heart Particles
  • Level 15: Emerald Particles
  • Level 17: Glyph Particles
  • Level 20: Dragonbreath Particles

The final change would be the join message A user would be able to change this every 5 levels they rank up. The following join messages would be available:

  • Level 0: “Player has joined”
  • Level 5: “Player is ready to dance!”
  • Level 10: “Player has joined the dance party!”
  • Level 15: “Player is about to get down and boogie!”
  • Level 20: “Player is ready to take on the dancefloor!”

Game Location:

There would be 2 maps for the game-mode at first, themed around the Hive, the first map would be designed by Team Nectar based around a beehive. The dancefloor would be in the middle of the hive, and the Hive would be built up around it. The main colours used would include:

  • Yellow Concrete
  • Yellow Wool
  • Yellow Terracotta
  • Yellow Shulker Boxes
  • Orange Wool
  • Orange Terracotta
  • Orange Concrete
  • Orange Shulker Boxes
  • Birch wood planks
  • Honey blocks (when available to be used on the network)
  • Purple terracotta (to match Hive base colours)

The second map would continue to take on the Hive theming, though this time the map would be based around a garden. With a mix of lush colours, a large barbeque, picnic bench, and a bunch of flowers with a large tree. Within that tree would be a beehive which would be inaccessible, but lead players to think that the next map they play wold be in that beehive. The viewing platform would be a mix of different green colours to match in with the garden green grassy look of the map. Another idea is that the actual game could take place on the picnic bench, similar to game of chess, and the players being the pieces, and the BlockParty arena being the board.


I think that is all I really need to say about the entire game, though there is more to talk about. Based on player analytics, players prefer PVP minigames. The only game Hive has currently for PVP is TreasureWars. While this game gets a lot of attention, so do the none-PVP minigames within the network. I have noticed that most of the time, compared to all the PVP minigames, the non-PVP minigames combined hold a majority of players within the network. Adding a new none-PVP game-mode would not only increase the Hive’s player base, but it would also bring a new flock of players who are looking for a more polished version of the BlockParty minigame.

Overall conclusion:

Overall I feel I have made my point clear, on the pros of the game-mode, what it would consist of, the rewards for playing, the challenges that might occur, and the analytics of adding the game-mode, and how it would affect the Hive network on its player base. Thanks for taking a look at my suggestion, and if you have any questions or queries about this suggestion or even additions to this thread, please do let me know as I am always open to hearing from the community.


Hey there,

Nice thread!

We’re already considering BlockParty, I would recommend upvoting it on our roadmap: Trello


I do believe that Blockparty is on the roadmap. It is being considered. Very nice and well written post I must say.


Are you some sort of wizard Lewis, I was typing the same thing at the same time… :face_with_monocle:

unless… I am Lewis…


I took a quick look! Though I am noticing quite a lot of things that have not been mentioned. There isn’t really a description of the actual game mode. Trello gives that option, but it is nothing but a mystery to what could be added if there will be other game modes, new locker rewards, new maps, nothing has been disclosed. Perhaps you could actually use a few of my suggestions above to help improve the game mode and make it more polished before it releases to the main server.

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Nice post! You included a bunch of detail and great ideas, I hope this is added into the game! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Don’t forget hub titles
Level 5 - The Dancer
Level 10 - The Party Animal
Level 15 - The 24/7 Partier
Level 20 - The Dancing Master


Also please don’t make it so it makes random floors each round. Please put custom floors like in Java. (We need high amount of floors so experienced players don’t always memorize the floors.)

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Well having a high amount of floors would be interesting, but every person who plays that game a lot (I put in myself too :sweat_smile:) can memorize all the floors, even if there are a lots. Just to figure out, in Java Edition there are 50+ different floors which all spots, the best or not, are known for each floors. This number is pretty high and for some people it may be a crazy fact knowing all these floors. So sadly your affirmation wouldn’t be the best.
Anyways having several floors in this game can make it become kinda funnier :smile:


I think unlocks need to rewrite. I’ll do it!

Level 1: joined join message
Level 2: Villager Angry sound effect
Level 3: Lime Dust Trail; Note avatar
Level 4: Pig Screams (hit) sound effect
Level 5: The Dancer hub title
Level 6: Redstone Trail
Level 7: Guardian Curse (not hit) sound effect
Level 8: ready to dance! join message; DJ avatar
Level 9: Wither defeat sound effect
Level 10: Smoke trail; The DJ hub title
Level 11: Music Disk avatar
Level 12: joined the dance party! join message; Snow trail
Level 13: Blaze Hit sound effect
Level 14: The Musical hub title; Rainbow blocks avatar
Level 15: Villager Heart trail; Toast sound effect
Level 16: get down and boogie! join message
Level 17: Emerald trail; Party Dancefloor avatar
Level 18: Iron Golem death sound effect
Level 19: take on the dancfloor! join message; Dragonbreath trail
Level 20: Dragon roar sound effect; The Party Master hub title; Party Master costume

This is gonna be added sometime in the Future and I know what I did… :upside_down_face:

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very well-written post, I like the unlocks alot


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can’t wait to get down and boogie


BlockParty has been added! :tada: