Warn if Replay Cinema is ending

Even though much people don’t spend too much time in a replay, you currently get kicked out of it if you’re spending too much time in it with no warning. Since I am pretty sure this is intentional, like when custom servers that haven’t started (you haven’t clicked “start game”) expire, I suggest it gives you a little message that your replay server is going to end.
Yea just like with custom server, a little message that warns you it’s gonna kick u out
Here’s how it would look like:

This is just so people who spent a lot of time in one replay don’t get surprised that it ends and send them back to the hub out of nowhere

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Why does it end in the first place? The replays are still there after you leave, right?

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It doesn’t “end” that way
What I mean is that if u spend too much time in one replay game, it will eventually take u back to the replay hub with no explanation. I assume this was intentional, and it happened to me a lot of times when I was recreating a TW map


They don’t want people afk’ing in replay cinema or something like that because that takes up server which is expensive. (my best guess at least)