Warn about sky basing in chat

The issue:
I think we all know how annoying it is when, especially in treasure wars, a team or solo is sky basing, it hold sup the game and is against the rules. I give players the benefit of the doubt and type in chat that it’s against the rules. However every now and then someone will start typing as well “No it’s not” or “he’s just lying to make you give up the good position”. Or in general the players just don’t believe me flat out.

The solution:
Simply messages in chat, “Sky basing is against the rules”.

I don’t really feel there is a need for this to appear in chat. Individual rules really shouldn’t have to be reiterated in chat as players are expected to follow the rules at all times whilst on the server. Anyone breaking the rules can be reported on the Hive Games Discord server. Alternatively, players can message a Moderator here on the forums with the report.

It’s also best not to retaliate within chat to players breaking the rules. This can escalate a situation which is certainly something to avoid. Simply reporting the player breaking the rules is the best path to take.

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yes but a lot of people dont know that skybasing is bannable


Yes but most people who arent in the discord dont know that its bannable


As said, when you are on the server all rules must be followed. Rules for the server can be found on the Hive support page, here. A link to these rules can also be found by doing the /links command in-game.

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how many players do you think know this, the percentage of people on the discord and forums is small relative to the hive rest of the community.


why not? it tells you teaming is bannable at the start of every game in treasure wars, even though most people should know that, while most people don’t know skybasing is bannable, because most people don’t read the rules unfortunately


I think a verbal warning before reporting is fair because many rules such as this one are not very well put-out and are only known to people in the discord/forums.

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Some people dont even know this command exists

Many people on the hive dont have access to the forums or discord. Hive should at least have some reminder saying Report rule breakers on our discord. Verbal warning before reporting is fair like @DrYellower said.


I mean, this is good, but they should also just add this idea, which would solve most of these problems without needing to clog the chat. I’d still rather have this than nothing though.

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Well actually, I do want to say something about what you said right there. I see the hive as a community that is partially young. Maybe it’s like ages from 6-11. Or maybe a little higher if you think that way. Since there is a /link command present in the server, I don’t think it’s displayed that much. Perhaps, I don’t think the younger side of the hive would know about the command at all which makes them clueless of what they are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do.

In other words, I don’t think that the younger side of the community would find out about the command that easily to know about the /link command.

The topic “Warn about sky basing in chat” is not a singular problem itself, but there are additional problems connecting to the topic.

Regarding to what Fire said is something that I totally agree with. The younger side of the hive may not be 13 or older to use Discord and nor do they have the opportunity to use forums. But “Report rule breakers on our discord”? Maybe… I mean, some kids have Discord accounts despite their age being lower than 13 but that can’t be entirely enforced.

My apologies if what I just said feels irrelevant. :slightly_smiling_face:


I would just like to reiterate or rephrase what I meant, as it seems to have been taken out of context :sweat_smile:
I don’t believe that this rule in-particular is something that necessarily needs to be stated in chat. I agree with the fact that there should be a more generalised automated chat reminder, but not this specific rule. There are many other rules that the same concept of a player not understanding this is against the rules, could be applied to. Not forgetting that players are expected to follow the rules at all times whilst on the server.

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Oh, okay! I’m really sorry about that. But I understand what you just said. I may seem like I am switching sides automatically but I feel like you’re right about stating one particular rule. It doesn’t seem necessary as to where there are many other rules and concepts a player needs to understand.