VPN warnings for players


Warn players when they are using a VPN

More information:

Now, in the forums, there has been hundreds if not thousands of ppl tryna get unbanned for accidentally logging on to the server with a VPN, yes I understand The Hive has to implement this, but if a unsuspecting player/new player joins with a VPN, he/she might be banned, the message could be:

Warning! You have an VPN active right now, please deactivate it.

Below it could be a blog explaining how to deactivate VPNs

This way, there can be less ppl complaining about the VPN rule

uh iirc people dont get banned for using a vpn. they just aren’t allowed to join until they turn it off, no issues there


Yeah, one time I was using a VPN and I forgot to turn it off before playing MC. I believe I went to eat lunch or something, and then I came back to play, forgetting it was on. It just said “Hive does not allow VPNs or proxies. Disable before joining”

As others have mentioned, we do not ban players for joining with a VPN or proxy, we just prevent them from joining the server until the VPN/proxy is disabled.

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