Vote for themes in Justbuild

This idea gonna help alot of JB players and it would be so cool and it will help many players in choosing what topics they like

Hello iiClo0uDy9332! Welcome to the forums :slight_smile: . I kinda like the idea behind this, but I believe part of the fun of Just Build is the randomness and the unknown. If you allowed people to vote on it, it may be the same build several times… which I suppose is okay but probably not how the game is intended to work. Thanks for suggesting it though! Maybe I’m wrong and a lot of people will want this :slight_smile:

Just Build themes are random to accompany to all players weaknesses/strengths and likes/dislikes. As @SonsyFeather941 stated, repetition of themes may occur.


I think that deletes some randomness though. You’ll have five or six themes that always get chosen, and the rest will rarely come up.

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Hey there. I think you’re suggestion may need a little more detail but:

Just Build is meant to be random as Sonsy and Orbixx have stated.

I don’t have too much to say except I wouldn’t want this on the hive and please stop repeatedly posting the link for this in the discord server ._.

how about have it like map voting

6 themes come up and in the next game a new set come up

something like that?

Personally, I’m against this. Sure, it would help players who don’t know how to build well, but it would also help experts choose a topic they’ve mastered.

In my experience, I’m very good at topics I can personify. If I chose that every game, I would win much more often.

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I’m fine with the randomizer

At least Glen won’t blow my builds to kingdom come this time