Voidwalker Warping System

Currently when you fall in the void and “warp” back to your spawn, you have no spawn protection, you also don’t recieve any additional hearts. I believe that, upon warping you should recieve 2-5s spawn Protection due to spawn killers/trappers. And recieve 5+ hearts upon warping because you may be half a heart after a fight and the guy just 1 taps you.

I know voidwalker is already quite OP compared to other kits, but i feel like this change is necessary.

No. Maybe the spawn protection thing but not getting 5+ hearts when you respawn is super op


Just no

Imo, SW kits is really unenjoyable, due to how insanely unbalanced it is.

Buffing the best kit is just gonna make it even worse.

Edit: Since I’m not doing much today, ima make a topic on balancing everything.