Villager in treasure wars

In treasure wars when you buy from the shop the GUI blinks a little bit. I find this annoying because it makes buying in bulk difficult (such as in custom servers where you have an inventory of gold and emeralds.)
My suggestion is to either
A: make the shop blink less when you buy things
B: the the shopkeeper a villager with custom trades so the GUI doesn’t blink.

Treasure wars Is my favorite game on bedrock addition and I just want it to improve.

This would be really hard to add, because I don’t know a single way to customize villager trades, and also Dave is the best please hive never replace him

ok But do you know what im talking about when I say the shop blinks because I find it annoying
Idk it might just be me

I think it’s just you, it does blink for a second, but that is because you bought something and it resets

Ok that fine it was a very minor problem anyways

turn off screen animations :)

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You have to turn off screen animations

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