Victory Totems

I have noticed hive have changed the victory totem in every game except treasure wars (as of the time of writing) to a trophy

I would like to see some kind of way to edit this trophy or totem (if it is kept as a totem) in texture packs for custom victory totems

These victory totems are one of my favourite parts of texture packs and I would miss them quite a bit if they were fully removed.

Any other opinions/criticism accepted!

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Yeah, I would agree. I was going to say that this could be either an in-game unlock or a global unlock but I found some issues with this. Unlocks are visible to everyone but when you are having a custom victory totem, it doesnt really… feel as… special.

The victory totem is a “Trophy” because well… You won the game! Why wouldn’t it be a trophy?

The victory totems are actually very cool in terms of being in the texture pack. I think we know that the hive actually CHANGED the totem texture file to a trophy.

Now if we put this into perspective and if you are someone like me (A texture pack creator). There is only one totem file to edit. This means that the victory totem can only be one model. Im not saying its impossible to actually make different totem styles. I just don’t think theres any other way of having more victory totems in terms of texture packs.

This may be possible with the use of addons but im very unsure

(Information above may be incorrect/inaccurate)

Final Notes

So lets just say that it IS possible for victory totems to be added. I believe that it should be a unlock in-game.

When you win a game your totem will be displayed. BUT nobody else will be able to see it which will kind of suck ngl.

However I guess it can be a thing. You have my vote on this.

Small Reminder: You can also vote for your own suggestion!

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I appreciate the reply, but I want to reword what I meant in my initial post. What I was trying to say is I don’t mind if hive change the totem that appears at the end of a game you have won to the trophy, as long as you have the ability to edit that texture for yourself. Removing this totem texture or making it impossible to edit the trophy removes one of my favourite parts about texture packs me and my friends have made, one of which being a clan pack which we called “Steve Clan” as a joke. The totem in this texture pack was a Steve head so whenever we won a game of treasure wars a giant Steve head would just pop up in the middle of the screen. This goes for other clan packs such as the omen pack swimfan made a while back. I just hope that hive notice that removing the ability to edit the totem/trophy texture would be quite a bummer and look into ways that allow players to edit this texture

Pretty sure you can change it as it’s stored somewhere in your cached data, and you should be able to edit it, similar to getting texture packs on some consoles

This is all just a thought, and if someone could confirm or deny whatever I just said that’d be nice

I guess I had not noticed this before. You have my vote!!! :beedance: