Victory message in SkyWars

Why is there no Victory message in Skywars? It just says “Game Over”. There should be some congratulations for winning.


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Second, put this in #suggestions if you want this to have people vote for it
Third, I like this idea :slight_smile:


Thank you, just put it in there

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Second, I like this idea. You got my vote.

Yes, there should be a totem animation like in other pvp gamemodes…

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Yes. I agree! For some reason, Hive didn’t add to Skywars. They just have it in treasure wars when you win. I think it would be a cool addition to the game for when someone wins, there could be a totem and victory music just like in Treasure wars. :beedance: you have my vote!

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While I agree with this suggestion, it is a duplicate. Next time you have an idea, be sure to search before you post a suggestion. If you want a victory screen to be added to SkyWars, vote here instead —> SkyWars Victory Screen

Anyways, enjoy your stay :smiley:

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Duplicate suggestion.