Victory Cosmetics

Okay, so I know that the victory totem is only used in SG and TW, but TW already is already at level 100, and SG already has a cosmetic in progress (gravestones). After that’s done, this will be the next cosmetic for SG. I have two ideas for cosmetics in SW:

  1. Different items appearing on screen (not just a totem)
  2. Different themes play when you get a victory

They’re both relatively generic, but could give off something that doesn’t signify you’re a certain level to other players. As for the themes, everyone has their preference, and they should be able to choose the one they like out of all of them. I think that this should add about 20-25 levels.
Ideas for number one:

  • Trophy
  • Crown
  • Controller/phone/keyboard/mouse
  • Sword
  • Star
  • This: :blobheart:

Ideas for number two:

  • Birthday Celebration

That’s all of my ideas, because 1: I’m too lazy to make my own theme. And 2: I need more ideas.

I think these could make it in because they have announced that they’re adding more levels to SkyWars. I know that they’re working on updating the levels to Survival Games too, and Treasure Wars just has too many levels right now. Tell me what you think in the reply section :slight_smile: .
Also, give me some ideas >:)


Also, this is not a dupe of Add a new Victory screen to SkyWars because these are cosmetics, and they mentioned nothing about cosmetics. Just wanted to say that before you replied :slight_smile:

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Hello! :wave:

I like this idea! Maybe remove the controller, as not everyone plays on that, but otherwise, this is a good suggestion!
Maybe other people will suggest more to add into it :grinning:

You have my vote! :tada:


I was thinking that it would have the thing you use to play on (phone, controller, keyboard, or mouse). But yeah, that sounds like a good idea
I was only thinking about controller because that’s what I play on :sweat_smile:


Great idea! I hope this gets added

not saying ur option is not valid, but i play on pc, and i would rly like the controller option, it tries to tell everyone ur a gamer, more than a kb&m or a phone

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(A bone victory cosmetic would be an excellent one) :wink:

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So, this is what Mario had to say:

why isn’t he on the forums, am i missing something??

That’s violating copyright.


N. O.
I don’t want to see that everytime I win TW
which is a lot

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Dual Wielding sword?

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This is SW not TW.

Also, it’s probably better if it’s something like this: :partying_face:


Yes, that’s probably the best option
@sonicjo_fire_ho Ig that’s true, but I’ve seen it in mods, so idk

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I don’t think the Mario theme would be a good idea because of legal reasons I guess but you get a vote from me :slight_smile:

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Yeah, okay, I understand.

I just don’t have many ideas besides that, but ig the Hive could think of their own themes.