Vanilla ctf mode

iv seen a lot of people recently saying that ctf is getting boring and suggesting all these crazy updates to the game, but a lot of people (ME) quite like the game as is and wouldn’t want it to change too much.

creating 2 separate ctf modes when the game inevitably gets updated would keep both sides happy, the vanilla mode would be almost just like the game is now, maybe even without berries or tnt, whereas the normal mode would be updated with whatever updates comes out.

low key similar to skywars and skywars kits but maybe as another mode within the menu and not another hub icon.

people are going to say this is stupid and if you are going to then this isn’t for you and don’t bother trying to bring me over saying that all these new additions are going to be soooooo good, i have said on here before that i love how this game is balanced now, but others don’t, and to repeat this would make BOTH sides happy and there is practically no downsides to this (exept the inner workings of actually maintaining a minecraft server which i know nothing about sorry)

If the Hive did do this, then everyone would argue “if the hive can make an exception for this game, then why can’t they do it to others”. I feel like it is balanced and well made as of now and I don’t think the Hive would want to put all the effort in to a game that maybe only 100 people would play