Valentines Day Idea

Maybe add a flower to the hub inventories during Valentines Day that people can give to others? One single flower people may give/throw to a person their choice. And the person who receives it will have the flower kept in their inventory.

I think that’d be something sweet for feb 14th c:

Maybe, but most of the playerbase probably doesn’t know what valentines day is lol

Alot of people will likely use this as a joke. Also I think a 40 year old man giving a young child a flower is bound to happen, and I don’t think the hive team have time to deal with stuff like that.


i want that me


What Is This??? Is this for Java?

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On 2018 on Hive Java, yes.

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Its time to break out the old skindex skin editor and make my skin valentines themed!

This is a cute and subtle addition

I like it

I voted

Also welcome to the forums

Or they could add a Valentine’s Day bundle

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