Upgrading Murder mystery

Me and my friend play Murder Mystery a lot, on the hive, and we were wondering if there should be an update to the game mode. Our update idea is to add perks (unlock new ones at different levels) and each round the murderer and sheriff get 3 chosen perks that they can use once. some examples are as follows.
murderer perk ideas: edit;/tweak these if you want but keep the base idea
false bow: the person gets a false bow that is added to their hot bar for 15 seconds upon use. lvl10
invis and speed: the person gets invisibility and speed 1 for 15 seconds but they can not attack or throw anything for the time this perk is active. lvl15
smoke screen: gives the murderer 5 seconds speed and anyone with in a 4 block radius blindness, the murderer cannot attack. lvl25
dash: the murderer teleports forward 5-7 blocks and anyone in the way and 1 block on each side is killed. lvl27
Sheriff perks idea edit/tweak these if you want, but keep the same base idea
tracker: the sheriff gets a tracking compass that leads them in the general direction of the murderer. lvl 25
deputy: the sheriff can assign one person a one shot bow immediately. lvl15
chance: when used you get a second shot if the person you shot isn’t the murderer both people are ok, if it is then the sheriff gets 1/2 XP. lvl20
Again feel free to change these a little, but try to keep the same concept, I would love to see this added and it would be a amazing addition to the game. I hope others will agree!

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All this stuff sounds really cool. The Hive’s already working on a content update (I think).

However, the Hive probably wants everyone to have a chance at winning. This idea could be implemented at very high levels, such as 85+, but it’s a bit too op for level 15.

I like this idea though. Welcome to the forums!


First of all, use the pencil to move this to #suggestions:murder-mystery I
feel like perks in general for leveling would break the game, as the hive wants everyone equal. Maybe if everyone had equal access to them, but that might make it too easy/hard for innos, or just too swingy(either really easy or really hard)

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yeah like I said if they implement it they can tweak it but keep the base idea so I don’t mind them changing levels and others things with it, just so long as they keep the same general idea.
Thanks for the feedback!

If someone walks by and you instantly get blindness, you’re gonna know thats the killer