Upgrade bot.. needs and upgrade

Hello :wave:

This suggestion is very simple, and for Treasure Wars only.
Each time you upgrade upgrade bot, he gets more detailed. In detailed I mean as in he might get bigger, change colors, etc. I was thinking that when the bot is at level 2, it could be light blue (diamond color). When the bot is at level 3 it could be light green (emerald color). That’s pretty much it.


That pretty good idea but why can’t I heart it??

I was thinking the same thing, but you can customize (useing lockers) with different outfits

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because it’s a suggestion

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this is useless when they could focus on better things imo. still an ok suggestion


it might be useless but it would look cool

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But the bot disappears when the generator is at level 3, it has no more use.
Also this

AI’ll finally be able to hide in the upgrade bot and combo players.


It’s impossible to tell if my generator is upgraded or not

Ahhh…an Idea came to my head.

What if when you updated the generator, the iron block would first change to gold, and then for maxed out gen: netherite!



I really like this and I think it would look good if you would unlock the upgrade bot styles as you level up in treasure wars

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