Updated below and above map death thing


timed below map damage

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alright, so we all know when we’re playing Skywars, or Treasure Wars, it gets annoying when you fall off the map and you clutch with a pearl, then u start taking damage because you’re too low down, it gets annoying and its killed me quite a few times because i cant build up fast enough. so what I’m proposing is that the set time where it kills you is completely removed, gone.

Instead, you could start dying after, say 30-45 seconds when down there, maybe shorter, but at the moment it’s just annoying that pearl clutching is pretty much pointless (apart from the odd clip for a youtube video). It should time how long you’ve been under a certain Y value and after you’ve been under the map for ‘x’ amount of time, then you start taking damage. This would apply for TW and SW.

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Are you referring to the actual void?
Pearl clutching tests your reflexes. It just takes practice. The void is supposed to kill you almost instantly, I’m really not very keen on it eliminating you after 30 - 45 seconds of being within it.

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id say reduce it to like 15 secs

That would be kinda op and unbalanced if 30secs, maybe 5secs since that’s more than enough time to place blocks after throwing a pearl. Just a suggestion :slight_smile: .

i dont mean pearl clutching in general, thats pretty easy (for me), i mean when youre below, the actual playing area, like on the lower parts of the islands, you just die even though youre not in the void, i think the time should be increased, maybe 30 seconds is a bit much, so say 10-15.

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